What's Happening

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Where To Begin?

So, when we bought the house, we had a SUPER long list of things to do. There were wants and needs for today, all the while keeping in mind the wants and needs of our big ten year plan. I'm sort of a perfectionist to a fault- if I can't do it perfectly, it doesn't get done. I'm trying my best to over come this and JUST DO IT! My dear friend Kristy (read her blog here) is always telling me to just jump in and do it. Maybe nothing will ever get posted, but I promise you jobs are getting done. I'd like to set you up with a little view of the project ahead of us. I hope you can get a glimpse of why we bought the house, it has so much potential and an AMAZING view.  

We're located in the heart of The Old Village, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina aka The Low Country. We have the most beautiful view of the Charleston Harbor and couldn't be happier with our community. 

I mean, check out our view....
Charleston Harbor, from Alhambra Hall

Here are some exterior images.....
The back stairs, technically, but our main entrance. One of the things in the "Ten Year Plan" is to make a defined entrance.  No one ever knows where to knock when they come over- there are FIVE entrances.... soon to be six!
So, officially this is the "front" of the house. See the staircase to the far right- that's the old front door- SO not the case any longer. That old garage door on the side hasn't been operable in God only knows how long. Google images shows that missing shutter goes waaaaayyy back.
One day this whole side will be covered by a lovely privacy fence. We fought hard for the land back here!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Our Humble Beginnings

This is our home, we're calling it our FOREVER home, and hoping it will be. We've wanted to plant roots and live in a place where I can finally have my white picket fence. Since we were wed in 2003 we have moved every 4 years- OR LESS! I guess we just hadn't found "the place"..... until now. We both are Florida Crackers and had recently been enjoying corn country in Indiana and one day we said "ok, we're done, let's go home." Home to us means somewhere you can see and smell the ocean. The phrase "wounds are healed by the sea" is our motto- when one of us get's sick, or a cut or a bad day our for sure cure is a day at the beach! Ask my kid, it even gets rid of Planters Warts! God gave us a miracle cure in that surf and sand. So, we looked up "the best surf break on the East Coast" and Google said it was in Folly Beach, SC. After a good couple of visits to Charleston and the surrounding islands and towns we knew we had found HOME. We sold off 2/3 of what we owned, put the rest in a POD and headed east. We found out fast that Charleston wasn't named the #1 city in America for nothing! It's AMAZING. We love this whole area and have finally found our forever home. Lovingly called in our family "the money pit." It's a great fixer-upper and we're excited to share with the world all the little fun projects we have in store for her. If any of you out there have ties to ANY HGTV show- we've got the perfect showcase home. :) Stay tuned for small reveals along the way.